Stansborough: A Story of Passion

Stansborough is a Family Run, Carbon-Neutral Farm and Historic Textile Mill based in New Zealand. The Stansborough Grey Sheep is a unique breed and is only found on the Stansborough Family Farm. Once shorn the fleece is hand separated into the 3 Shades of Grey that naturally occurs on the sheep’s coat. This is then used un-dyed in the Stansborough collections, making it 100% natural.


Where dye is used, they only over-dye (which means they don’t use bleach) and work with biodegradable and eco-friendly dyes. All Stansborough Collections are made on their Historic Looms which date back to the 1890s and are manned by skilled artisans who handcraft every throw and blanket. Stansborough products are 100% New Zealand Made from the Farm through to the finished product. The Farm is also home to Alpacas which they use to create blended wool collections in addition to working with NZ Merino, New Zealand Mohair and Certified Organic Bamboo.


The Stansborough throws and blankets are bespoke items, from the grey colouring that appears naturally on the sheep’s coat to the historic looms that are used to produce their products. Each item is unique and from season to season, the shades of grey can vary slightly due to the changes in the sheep’s habitat, diet, and other natural factors. These variations are part of the Stansborough story, why their products are unique and are considered heirloom pieces. All Stansborough products are hand finished including the individual hand combing of the fringing.